Outside of her traditional stage work Klara is continuously working on ways to widen her expression and platform as a circus artist.

Her main point of departure being her role as a tight wire artist.

Through those eyes she is creating and collaborating through photo-, film- and installation- works.



A rigg free circus performance

suitable for primary school

-in creation 2022

By playing with expectations and curiosity through circus diciplines 

on the balance spectrum, tactile elements and physical stand-up the show is created around the topic "give space".

The creation process takes place in close collaboration with the age group through play, dialogue, experimentation and public showings through out the process.

Artists: Klara Mossberg, Lisa Angberg

Music: Marcus Price

The project is supported by Gula Villan in Järna,

Stockholm Region, - dance and circus and the Swedish Arts Council.


Photo: Florence Schroeder

Correlational Space Wire


An explorative intercommunion project within the discipline of tight wire and architecture.


 This is an upcoming project running over 3 years. Currently in pre-production phase establishing interesting work spaces and artist meetings.

Funded by Kulturbryggan

Photo: Einar Kling Odenkrants

Correlational Space Wire



 A performative circus installation with one tight wire artist and 450 meters of construction plastic.

With layers that covers and uncovers, silky wire work and sculptural existence; 450°x strives to emerge us in a parantheses away from our daily chase for the next high.

- Is this the moment before the apocalypse or the turning point after? Either way, let us meet in slow circus and get an opportunity to catch our breath.


A 40 min piece, suitable for all different kind of indoor spaces which allows to rig the tight wire. The piece adapts and evolves according to the limitations and possibilities of the space.

Get in contact for full technical raider and booking.


Photo: Florence Schroeder


A film project on tight wire 

Idea and production: Klara Mossberg

Film: Jonathan Morell

Music: Lau Nau

Song: Unelmalyyra

Shoot day assist: Vilhelm Montan

Recidency and support: Subtopia Botkyrka



A photo project capturing the seasons at an abadoned ski lift.

As a tight wire artist you are always limited and guided by the possibilities to rig your wire.

Klara is in a constant search of where and how to be present as a wire walker in already existing enviroments.

Idea and artist: Klara Mossberg

Photo: Einar Kling - Odenkrants


Photo: Einar Kling - Odenkrants



A site specific, interdisciplinary, collaborative piece in and over the Viskan river in the western part of Sweden.


Klara was part as a tight wire artists, choreographing material on the topic "surface" on her wire crossing the river. In close dialogue with the other artists and the water.

The piece was shown in pouring rain  during the festivall "NYCIRKUS FESTIVAL IN RYDAL", september 2021.  
It was a small part of the project  Skimmer och härvor

Tight wire artist: Klara Mossberg

Poet: Lina Ekdahl

Sound and installation artist: Tove Möller

Muscian: Ella Blixt

Textile artist: Jessica Lindberg 

Artistic director: Louise Moesgaard Witthöft.

YTA hemsidan vattenfigur
YTA hemsidan textil
YTA hemsidan våta fötter

Photo: Thomas Laurien

Artists on hold


Site specific pop-ups in Stockholm at the beginning of Corona in 2020.

- Inhabiting and visualising the void when the stage is not available. Looking for ways to encounter the quieted city as circus artists.

Idea and scouting: Klara Mossberg

Artists: Lisa Angberg and Klara Mossberg

Photo: Einar Kling - Odencrants


Photo: Einar Kling Odenkrats