Outside of her traditional stage work Klara is continuously working on ways to widen her expression and platform as a circus artist.

Her main point of departure being her role as a tight wire artist.

Through those eyes she is creating and collaborating through photo-, film- and installation- works.


A film project on tight wire 

Idea and production: Klara Mossberg

Film: Jonathan Morell

Music: Lau Nau

Song: Unelmalyyra

Shoot day assist: Vilhelm Montan

Recidency and support: Subtopia Botkyrka

Artists on hold

Site specific pop-ups in Stockholm at the beginning of Corona in 2020.

- Inhabiting and visualising the void when the stage is not available. Looking for ways to encounter the quieted city as circus artists.

Idea and scouting: Klara Mossberg

Artists: Lisa Angberg and Klara Mossberg

Photo: Einar Kling - Odencrants

Photo: Einar Kling Odenkrats


A physical research on tight wire on how to create the illusion of a body moving directionless in space, separate from the gravitational pull.

This is a ongoing project which is yearly looking for studio recidencies and support.

Idea and artist: Klara Mossberg

Photo: Einar Kling - Odenkrants


A photo project capturing the seasons at an abadoned ski lift.

As a tight wire artist you are always limited and guided by the possibilities to rig your wire.

Klara is in a constant search of where and how to be present as a wire walker in already existing enviroments.

Idea and artist: Klara Mossberg

Photo: Einar Kling - Odenkrants


Photo: Einar Kling - Odenkrants