Klara is a multi skilled circus artist specialized in tight wire and aerial hoop.

She has a widespread experience and performs and creates in multiple genres and contexts.

Photo: Sofia Kallner


Klara is a  tight wire artist and aerial acrobat based in Sweden.

She is educated in France and has a Bachelor in circus from DOCH,

today - Stockholm Univeristy of the Art, (SKH). She has also studied biomechanics and motor control at master level at GIH Stockholm.

Klara has performed all over Europe and is used to generate new material and challenge and adapt her circus technique to different genres and art forms.

Her professional experience as a circus artist spans from musicals and operas to international contemporary circus companies and experimental art projects.

She was for many years part of the cast at Mamma Mia! The party in Stockholm and she has done several productions with Cirkus Cirkör as well as toured with companies such as NoFit State Circus and Circo Aereo.

Her own research is based around developing and widening the movement technnique and vocabulary of tight wire and setting the circus body in relation to architectural space.

Productions in selection


"Mamma mia! The party", 2016-2020

"Coups de Coeur", La Tohu, 2020

"Opaque", Circo Aereo,  2016

"Limbo Land",  Circus arts, 2016

"Noodles", Nofit State Circus, 2013-2015

"Svävande Damen", Malmö Opera, 2015

"Space Dreams", Helexpo, 2014

"Cabaret Jamon", Circo Aereo, 2013

"Phågel -Best cat and bird show ever!", Chipmunk Forge, 2012

"Ourobouros", Kompani Giraff, 2012

"Crece  V 20.11", Cirko Price, 2011

"Die Verkaufte Braut", Helmutt Lizt Halle - Styriarte Festival 2011

Cirkus Cirkör:

"Under",  2017

"Aquanauts",  2018, 2016

"Epifonima", (replacement) 2019

Christmas shows:

- Artipelag 2019, - Scenkonstmuseet 2015

"Everything is possible", Tom Tits, 2014

Multiple single events each year  2012-2018


Scenkonstbiennalen, 2017

Scenkonstmuseet, 2017

Friends Arena, 2015

Hangaren, 2011

The Nobel Banquet, 2008

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