Watch trailers and compilations of acts on

 tight wire,

aerial hoop

and vertical rope.

Photo: Joakim Björklund

Aerial hoop

Watch trailer below

Various dynamic hoop acts available for both low and high ceilings, fixed and moving points.

Please get in contact for full act specification and videos.


Storm Wire

Watch trailer below

A tight wire act performed against a wind blowing in hurricane strength, (32,5 m/s).

Photo: Mats Bäcker

Wired Marilyn

Watch trailer below

 A 4 min tight wire act incoporating the seducing air of Marilyn Monroe, electrical fans and flour.

Photo: Farrows collective

Duo Rope

Watch trailer below

A 7 min duo-act on a 20 meter long corde lisse with the ever present elements of trust, fragility, strength and support.