Klara and Regina- Smooth rope

Trailer by: Einar Kling - Odenkrants

"Les Suèdoises Klara Mossberg et Regina font preuve d úne force incroyable avec leur numéro de corde lisse alors que chacun de leurs gestes est soyeux et délicat. Leur duo est d´une poèsie sans fin." //Journal de Montréal -Feb 2020


A 7 min duo-act on a 20 meter long corde lisse with the ever present elements of trust, fragility, strength and support.

The original act is performed at 10 meter height but a version for lower ceilings adapted for varietés and more initmate settings is also available.

Music by: Kaleo; rights to performance obtained from Warner / Chappel music.


Klara and Regina became friends when they met at DOCH - The University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2007. 

After 10 years of performing separately with  their own productions, and with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirkus Cirkör, No Fit State Circus, 

Mamma Mia! The Party, Cavalia and Dragone, they joined up to create this

duo-rope act together. 

"In many ways the act resembles the friendship between Klara and Regina through out the years. No matter the distance in between them they have always supported each other through out the highs and lows of life."

The act was premiered at Coups de Coeur - 2020, at La Tohu in Montreal and is available for booking.

Technical requirements

- Height -

Minimum 10 meters to attachment point.

If the point is higher the rope should be pulled up or

clicked in at the height of 10 meters above the floor.

If needed, the point above 10 meters should be stabilized

to the sides to minimize movements in the rope.

- Rigging point -

1 rigging point in the roof of minimum 1200 kg.

- Floor space -

Ideally 6x5 meters free floor space underneath the rope.

Photos: Emmanuel Burriel

For booking

Contact: klaraandregina@gmail.com

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